Workspace of The Week - Airbnb, Singapore

We’ve explored a wide range of open workspaces that encourage employees to work together or independently in a variety of areas that are highly distinctive.

Airbnb ’s workspaces are incredibly unique and will make any company envious. Entering an Airbnb workspace will make you feel like you’ve travelled to various parts of the world in less than a day with a variety of spaces filled with unique furniture and inspired by travel. Airbnb’s new office in Singapore is home to spaces that encourage employees to work away from their designated desks and roam free in an open and vibrant environment.

The space includes a large variety of plush seating arrangements for casual meeting points, small pods for independent working, a large auditorium space with unique furniture encouraging collaboration and a collection of exciting meeting rooms inspired by the apartments you can find around the world with Airbnb including a lounge style room, a light and airy beach hut and a room that brings the outdoors in filled with artificial greenery and fairy lights that act as stars. The brand have also focused on including shared spaces throughout the workspace with café-style settings, benches and beanbags for breakout meetings.

We’re inspired by the creative areas for employees to work while encouraging them to have their say and include their ideas in the design of the space with the Employee Design Experience too. Take a look at the vibrant Airbnb workspace in Singapore.