Workspace of the Week - GA Technologies Offices, Tokyo
GA Technologies have recently opened the doors of their inspiring Tokyo office, a welcoming space designed with the comforts of home in mind.

GA Technologies' new offices in Tokyo, Japan have recently been completed by DRAFT. An open and bright space, designed with the comforts of home in mind and equipped to welcome anyone interested in exploring the world of real estate.

Striving to transform real estate dealings into a more familiar course of action through application of artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies, GA are attempting to transform business in property purchase and investment, a daunting task for most companies of this type.

The design team worked to create an office space where anyone could informally drop in for consultation about real estate. To facilitate this, the entrance to the offices is a large space designed to look as comfortable as a living room. Equipped with a steel frame house structure, retro pendant lights, and colourful neon signs, the office is completely different to most people's expectations of a real estate company.

Many employees working at GA Technologies are millennials and to enable them to work pleasantly, DRAFT created an environment which would cater to individual work styles, also incorporating breakout areas, private rooms for high focus work and large beanbag cushions.

Throughout the space, there is a path running through the centre of all areas, allowing employees to take a walk through the space when they feel the need to communicate with other colleagues. This brings additional opportunities for collaboration, stimulating meaningful chance encounters.

The company also makes use of messaging and Skype, attaching importance to chats that occur spontaneously as a vital form of communication. This and their new multi-functional space strongly reflect GA Technologies' vision of transforming real estate dealing into an open and familiar activity.