Workspace of the Week - Kolektif House Coworking & Vodafone Offices, Istanbul
Kontra Architecture have recently reconstructed 5 floors of the Maslak 42 Building in Istanbul, transforming a former hotel and shopping mall into the shared offices of Kolektif House coworking and Vodafone's IT department offices in Istanbul, Turkey.

Kontra Architecture has reconstructed 5 floors of the Maslak 42 Building in Istanbul to Kolektif House Coworking offices and the Vodafone's IT department. Now, after 6 months of construction, the former hotel and shopping mall have been transformed into the firm's new offices.

All of the furniture, woodwork and lighting in these offices have been custom designed by Kontra, turning these spaces into hubs of inspiration for creative ideas and new partnerships, whilst creating a community and social interaction.

As the new generation of coworking spaces grows in Turkey and globally, the new Kolektif house Maslak is gaining special popularity. Spread over 5 floors in the Maslak 42 building, and providing 10,000 mof coworking spaces for members and guests, Kolektif House is now the 3rd and largest location for startups, entrepreneurs and innovative offices, providing all the necessary spaces for each type as well as for local corporate offices. Vodafone's IT offices have also moved into the upper floors of Kolektif House Maslak. 

Kolektif House is home to new and creative ideas, designed to gather innovative people and companies from different disciplines to create a vibrant community. Kontra Architecture have custom designed the modular and built-in furniture, the lighting and even the work capsules named "Kolektif House igloos." After collaborating with various artists from various disciplines, Kontra have subsequently included various motivational artwork within social zones including murals, wall art and sculptures.

Kolektif House Maslak and Vodafone's IT offices aim to elevate coworking and offices spaces to a more social and more community like environment, giving inspiration for innovative ideas and opportunities for new collaborations.