Workspace of the Week - Lamia Offices, Helsinki
Lamia's new offices in Helsinki, Finland promote both productive and collaborative work, whilst creating a strong community atmosphere.

E-commerce company Lamia, have recently opened their new offices designed by Mint & More Creative, located in Helsinki, Finland.

Mint & More helped to compare the offices new potential locations in depth. When the right space was found, they subsequently created a planetary concept, molding the office fit for the next era. At the heart of Lamia's offices, is the adaptable event space and kitchen. Interior solutions were designed to support the community feeling, whilst keeping work productive.

Split into two distinct sides, the office has one area for focus working, and the other for social working. With a concept inspired by earth and space, the planetary atmosphere is apparent through the choice of furniture and lighting. The thought behind the two working areas was to encourage collaboration and productive work in different spaces, allowing employees to work in both traditional meeting rooms, and more informal, relaxed team rooms. Furthermore, guests to the space can step directly into the heart of the office, and immediately absorb the work culture.

Special emphasis has been placed on acoustics and the feeling of privacy in Lamia's new offices. Lamia is Finland's 2nd fastest-growing country, as listed by the Financial Times in 2019. They therefore required a strategically designed space to support their fast growth and recruitment needs, creating a functional and community workspace from day one.

The event space doubles as both a relaxed communal working area, and an interaction space. However, it also adapts to cater for special events such as recruitment events, movie nights or even as a party arena. Technology was a major component in the design of Lamia's offices, and throughout the office, the tech has been designed so users have a greater control over their own working experience. For example, the lights in the office are controlled through an app that allows users to adjust any luminaire with one tap.