Workspace of the Week - thebridge Coworking Offices, Shanghai
Space Matrix has designed thebridge coworking offices in Shanghai, China. More than just a space to work from, these offices foster collaboration, creative thinking and intellectual engagement with a variety of different working areas.

Ascendas-Singbridge located in Shanghai, China has recently collaborated with Space Matrix, to design thebridge coworking offices. 

More than just a space to work from, thebridge at Ascendas Innovation Plaza in Shanghai is designed to be the perfect incubator for brilliant new ideas that may just shape the future. Just as the microwave, Velcro fastener, corn flakes and dynamite were all invented by accident, one never knows where the next great idea will come from. And indeed, some of the greatest ideas were not the result of lonely scientists working in laboratories, they were born out of the collaboration of creative minds.

thebridge coworking offices offer the opportunity for collaboration, creative thinking and intellectual engagement. Operating on a space-as-a-service model, they offer integrated facilities beyond just a physical location to work from. Hectic workdays can get monontonous with people staying in one location all day. Such unchanging environments are not good for an employee's mental wellbeing and can lead to workplace fatigue. These coworking offices offer a vast variety of lounges, sitting areas and work nooks, each with a unique look and feel to beat the monotony of the work day.

Running through the space is a 3-floor open volume staircase, which adds an extra element of visual interest and playfulness. Aesthetically designed and bathed in natural sunlgiht, these spaces are functional and inspiring, and consequently improve workplace productivity.

Flexibility is also an important requirement for companies working out of coworking spaces. thebridge has agility built into the workplace design, the suites have interconnecting doors to separate them, allowing companies to easily expand or scale down operations without being locked into more square footage than they require.

Another way thebridge stands apart is with the vibrant community ecosystem it fosters within its walls. The common coworking areas, pantries and lounges offer great opportunities for diverse minds to come together - even if they operate in very different industries and would not normally cross paths. Who knows? You may find a great workout buddy or your next business partner, all within the workday.

When one needs a break from work, thebridge is designed to host food and beverage outlets, where patrons canshare a meal with a colleague or get to know a peer they got talking to in the shared lounge - these outlets go a long way in ensuring work-life integration. Fitness goals are taken care of too, there are spaces built for gyms and fitness zones, so even on a busy day, staff can start a morning off right with a quick workout or a rejuvenating yoga session at one of the social hubs.