Workspace of the Week - Mantab Group Offices, Kuala Lumpur
Seamlessly integrating elements of both business and leisure, Mantab Group have recently moved into their new Kuala Lumpur workplace. An ideal place to both work and to entertain clients.

S/LAB10 have recently completed the bold design for the Mantab Group's new offices in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. A complete internal overhaul of an existing bungalow.

The firm required not only just a workspace for their growing team, but also a series of spaces for hosting and entertaining their clients. Therefore, a complete re-examination of the office typology was required to transform the former multi-storey residence into a gleaming corporate hub for a private entity, whilst seamlessly integrating business and leisure.

Looming over the quiet surburban street, the Mantab Workplace's gleaming facade is composed of gold-copper alloy with triangular facets. Interestingly, translated from Malay language "mantab" means solidity. Designers likened this to the hardiness of a diamond, and the facade with its eye-catching and captivating architectural design reflects this.

S/LAB were tasked to revise and challenge the norms of a typical office environment, creating a series of spaces within the building to suit a variety of purposes ranging from business to social. The team fulfilled the client's requirements by delivering offices not only visually stuning but also practical in function. Contrasts were a key design strategy and a strong theme of bold yet methodical contrasts is evident throughout.

The centrally positioned conference room is an example of this. The room is surrounded by heavy but lush emerald-green privacy drapes providing a flexible use of space that opens up the heart of the workspace. Slender-framed, arched translucent screens further aid in framing the open space. Uniquely designed and detailed for the scheme, they add interest and depth to the space.

The top two floors of the building are prominently cast in bright gold-copper alloy panes which make way for a spacious lounge once shut, concelealed behind the tall curtain glass panels. The offices benefit from being generously washed with natural light and the outdoor green terrace complements the scheme's sleek corporate interior. By creatively exploring various configurations of volume and space throughout the design, the designers have succesfully composed a series of work and leisure spaces, flowing effortlessly from one to another.