Workspace of the Week - NVIDIA Offices, Shenzhen

iDA Workplace was engaged by AI giant, NVIDIA, to create a cutting-edge design for their offices located in Shenzhen, China.

NVIDIA, inventor of the GPU, and the most powerful technology leader in interactive computer graphics has never stopped redefining their market. The otaku say, “Anyone who has an NVIDIA GPU will dominate their game.” Over the years, NVIDIA has expanded and become a leader in the AI industry, contributing to autonomous vehicles and ultra-quick AI computers.

What kind of office space can both reflect NVIDIA’s status as the industry leader and help inspire the company to remain on the leading edge of their industry? iDA Workplace started with NVIDIA’s distinctive triangle graphic and incorporated it throughout the space to ensure that it linked every aspect of their culture to their ever-advancing brand

The staircase and a living wall run throughout all the social spaces. The frame of the wall peeks out from behind the foliage and links the piece back to the angular designs elsewhere in the space.

The wood and living plants remind users that although their industry revolves around code and computers, the space is welcoming and warm to everyone inside. When you walk into NVIDIA, you see a green wall, and these striking scenes throughout the building create vibrancy and life everywhere you look.

In the large cozy lounge, natural light allows every employee to enjoy time during afternoon tea or morning coffee.

iDA created a striking graphic using the periodic table. Each element on the wall symbolizes a core part of NVIDIA’s brand. The graphic language of artificial intelligence is vividly portrayed on the wall of the office. Each image reminds you that technology continues to lead the way at NVIDIA.

Technology is the future and the future depend on industry leaders continuing to innovate. NVIDIA’s new space moves boldly towards the future and reminds them to never stop searching for breakthroughs.