Workspace of the Week - Sorgenia, Milan
With bright clean colours and modern interior design, Italian-based utility company Sorgenia has embodied a welcoming environment for employees to share ideas.

Sorgenia worked with architectural firm Il Prisma on a clear goal: to strengthen the relationship between Sorgenia and the people that work there. To do this Sorgenia invested in areas that activated employee engagement and inspired a sense of job-satisfaction.

Milan is internationally recognised as one of the world’s fashion capitals, so it’s no surprise that the office furnishings are stylishly couture, from the minimalistic reception desk to the 360-degree glass meeting room. Every spaces welcomes natural daylight where possible, known for improving employee happiness with Work Design confirming that 76% of people say natural light is important to them at work.

The vivid green in Sorgenia’s logo represents the organisation’s commitment to the sustainable energy market. This green has been used as an accent with the lighting fixtures, chairs, sofas and living walls. Welcoming biophilic elements, a connecting corridor has been used as casual break area, a space for people to recharge close to cascading plants and stimulating bright lights.

To implement Sorgenia’s identity, an ‘energy surface’ furnishes every wall within the office, uniting the floors and people by each design representing part of Sorgenia’s identity 

Sorgenia wanted to embody itself as a brand that recognises the work/life balance. There is a games room offering sports and entertainment, training rooms, energy gym, meeting rooms and break areas.

Demonstrating the health-conscious company’s culture, ball-chairs have been used to activate employee posture and promote a sense of fun in the workplace.

At a time when the longevity of fossil fuels is being questioned, the search for renewable energies is ever present. What is evident is that Il Prisma have tried to incorporate nature wherever possible; cloud-white walls, wooden wall dividers and wood floor panels limit the amount of conspicuous urban essentials such as computers and wiring.

It’s not easy to foster innovation for a utility company. People don’t have positive connotations with utility companies, only thinking about them when their fuel prices go up. It was important for Sorgenia to demonstrate the business values: an energy company that cares about its customers, the planet, and the effect it has on people’s everyday lives.