Workspace of the Week - Mercedes-Benz, Thailand
A theme of stars unites the different collaborative spaces of these offices symbolizing glamour, prosperity and style, as Mercedes Benz is famous for.

Some spaces just ooze a certain high-class quality, and you can expect no less from the new Mercedes-Benz head offices in Bangkok, Thailand. The new space was inspired by one of their founders, Mr Gottlieb Daimler, who once sent a postcard to his wife and wrote that one day the star that he’d drawn on the card would shine over his own factory to symbolize prosperity.

This concept of stars features prominently in the new offices and creates movement and connection between the spaces and brings a new energy into this working environment.

The layout of this space was designed so that each part of the floor, from meeting rooms to coffee corners, would increase the chance of staff to meet each other and encourage them to collaborate with one another.

The stairs connecting the 2-storey offices were designed as a grandstand where staff could gather for the company’s events. Above this, you can see an incredibly beautiful chandelier which connects back to the theme of stars that runs throughout this space. The lighting emphasizes the feeling of prosperity, glamour and style that this company is famous for.

Each working station in this office is placed so that staff can see outside and connect with the natural light. This increases the feeling of connectivity not only with the company and between colleagues, but with nature too.

Plants are also an important feature of this space. The selected plants were chosen to help clean the office air and reduce heat from the sun along the windows. According to a 2016 report from The Telegraph , bringing plants into the office increases productivity by at least 15% and increases happiness amongst employees. By doing this, Mercedes-Benz is bringing life and vibrancy into an already impressive work environment.

 Images taken from Office Snapshots