Design Individuality with the Spacestor Customizer
With the rise in design individuality, and the introduction of the Spacestor Customizer, it's easier than ever to create more personalised, human-centric workspaces to bring out the very best in your people.

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Customization is everywhere these days: from your trainers, to the stories that appear on your social media feed, to how your coffee’s made at Starbucks, everything can be customized for each individual and the possibilities are endless. In the words of leading Swiss industrial designer Yves Béhar:
“There is a whole new economy made possible by technology; the craftsman’s economy multiplied by the web. … I believe that we are moving from the Age of Mass-Production to the Age of Mass-Individualization. And when I look at this phenomenon, I get the sense that individualization of our production is a great counterpoint to globalization and global uniformity: products and experiences are modified by the users themselves, based on their functional needs, cultural differences, and personality and style.” 

Here at Spacestor, we believe that the most important new trend in workplace design is “Design Individuality”. It’s an idea that originated in California, borne out of the conviction that every employee is a unique individual and as such should have some influence over how their working environment looks and functions. A great way to make sure your employees enjoy working at your office is by involving them in the design process. Everybody likes to feel like their voice matters, and furthermore they’ll know their needs and preferences better than anybody. Customizing your office according to the principles of Design Individuality will make for happier employees, who’ll produce better work, and remain more likely to stay in their jobs, and also help to attract more of the best talent to the company.

As such, Spacestor has created its own “Customizer”. This online tool allows you to create your own unique versions of three of our bestselling products: Railway Carriage meeting pods, HotLocker Forte freestanding lockers and Palisades zone dividers. Each can be wholly customized in different sizes, configurations, colours, materials and finishes, not to mention enhanced with a wide variety of lighting and accessories, to an extraordinary extent. Whether you want a minimal, uniform look, or you want to go wild and turn your lockers into a colourful masterpiece in the style of a Sol LeWitt wall drawing or a Le Corbusier apartment building, Spacestor’s Customizer is for you and your employees. Remember: harmonious design and uplifting colour schemes can really change a person’s mood, not to mention boost their creativity and productivity.

Whether you’re designing Railway Carriages, HotLockers or Palisades, with our Customizer you can shape them, spin them around, tweak them and download them. You can drop the model straight into your project, or just send it to us to action immediately. At Spacestor, we’ve always believed that designing a new office should be a fun, inspiring process for all involved. Now, with the rise of Design Individuality, it’s easier than ever to have productive dialogues between designers, employers and employees, and to create more personalised, more human-centric workspaces that bring out the very best in people.