Aeonica: A Collection of Soft, Serene Workplace Settings

In today’s workplace, flexibility and user comfort are paramount. Aeonica, with its versatile configurations, offers serene settings that support the growing diversification in needs and demands that are required from our spaces. From individual niches to collaborative pantheons, Aeonica is unique in its ability to supply workspaces with havens of productivity and well-being. Let’s explore some of the standout configurations and their unique use cases below!

Niches: Tranquil Spaces for Focus and Relaxation
Aeonica niches are inherently, a quiet, secluded space. Comprised of two corner pieces and two archway pieces, these niches can be fitted out with a desk and chair, or chair and lamp, serving as a cozy reading place or a peaceful spot for focused thinking. The gentle curves and enclosed design provide excellent acoustic protection, making them a fantastic space for a quick phone call or to de-stress.

The comfort acoustics and serene environment are particularly beneficial for workplaces aiming to design for neurodivergence, accommodating employees with different sensory needs. Dark fabrics can be used to create deeper, more subdued spaces, shielding users from harsh fluorescent lighting and offering a retreat for the senses.

Nooks: Personalized Workstations with a Universal Design
Designed with a square profile, Aeonica nooks can snugly fit against walls and under a bulkhead to create stunning individual workspaces. These nooks feature an accessible width opening for easy access and can be easily integrated with a desk and chair. Acoustic softening absorbs office noise, providing a quieter area for focused work and phone calls without cutting off the user from the buzz.

Lenovo's Farnborough office showcases the effectiveness of these nooks and according to Stephen Higgins, EMEA Director of Real Estate at Lenovo, “Our space gives us a sense of purpose and belonging.” The nooks offer a blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal, featuring deep blue double depth arches which support Lenovo employees with single-user workstations that steer away from traditional angular modularity.

Pantheon: Dynamic Spaces for Collaboration
Aeonica pantheons offer a versatile solution for creating collaborative, meeting spaces within a larger floorplate without the need for permanent walls. Configured with ten sweep pieces, four inverse curve pieces, and two archway pieces, the pantheon forms a free-standing but relocatable meeting room. It acoustically protects the surrounding workspace from the noise of collaboration or large team meetings, as well as creating a beautiful space for people to come together and enjoy social interaction.

Perfect for brainstorming sessions, formal presentations, or casual team gatherings, the Pantheon is a space for forward-thinking workplace teams that are looking to embrace flexible work environments. The pantheon - a testament to Aeonica’s ability to foster creativity and interaction while maintaining a sense of structure and privacy.

Arches: Elegant, Architectural Zone Dividers
Aeonica arches, composed of archway pieces in a sequence, serve as a permeable zone divider that elegantly delineate different areas within the workplace. Whether used as a welcoming entrance, a subtle boundary between teams, or a striking architectural feature, these arches define space without creating disconnection.

Paving the way for easy cross-department collaboration and a fluid flow of ideas throughout a single floorplate, arches provide a soft, aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional dividers, enhancing the overall workplace ambiance while maintaining functionality and openness.

From niches and nooks to pantheons and arches, each Aeonica configuration has a unique use case and brings a soft, architectural authority which enhances the working environment. Promoting productivity, creativity, and well-being, Aeonica embraces its differences and uniqueness in the market to realise the future of workplace design and transform your space into somewhere your employees can thrive in.