Creating the Best Places to Work 2022

The lists for the best places to work in 2022 have been released, and we’re honoured to have worked on the workspaces of so many brands that have achieved recognition for their spaces!

Attracting and retaining top talent is a key part of workplace strategy. Candidates are spending more time researching the corporate culture and finding a workplace that fits with their priorities.

One of our top workplace trends for 2022 was ‘Employees become Customers of the Workplace’ as we are seeing the workforce having more choice in where and how they work, the office is having to compete with the home as well as other companies in order to attract their ‘customers’ aka employees.

The lists are available to see showing who has made it into the top 100 places to work, and we are so pleased to have worked on 60% of the workspaces listed!

See the lists here:

See some of the best places to work 2022 projects featured here:

As we are in the fortunate position to have worked with so many of the organisations listed, we’ve taken a look at these projects to see what they all have in common to offer their people (besides Spacestor products!) and summarised this here:


The business brand values, message and culture are how some of the top employers are creating a workplace that employees love to go to every day. Cultural values and priorities like sustainability, collaboration, and activity-based working are some of the main elements we’ve seen from these organizations.


When it comes to attracting people to the workplace, personalization, customization, and design really comes down to allowing teams to choose between a variety of versatile spaces in the workspace offering its users greater choice, giving users control over how and where they work. These companies have recognized the impact personalized workplace design has on their staff productivity, loyalty, and attracting new talent.


As the workplace has evolved, principles of wellbeing have been added to the designs of the workspace. When staff feel energized, looked after, and better in the workplace, they will be more productive, creative and innovative. The workforce of today appreciate changes like increased airflow, hand sanitiser stations, touchless doors and interfaces, use of natural light and biophilia. Flexible desk layouts, communal spaces and neighbourhoods are particularly important to designs that keep employee well-being in mind.


Universal Design

The workplaces that prioritise equality and an equitable experience for all users are likely to be more profitable  Universal design doesn’t mean you’re designing one thing for all people. You’re designing a diversity of things so everyone finds a way to participate. A survey by the Harvard Business Review found employees at companies that focussed on inherent and acquired diversity were more likely to out-innovate and out-perform others. The report also revealed employees in a ‘speak up’ culture were 3.5 times more likely to contribute their full innovative potential.

Reach out to us to discuss flexible ancillary furniture solutions for your award-winning workspace!  Will you feature on the list next year?