Spacestor Launches Modular Meeting Room System For the Workplace of the Future
Verandas Is An Engineered Architectural Room System Built on the Premises of Sustainability, Flexibility, and Design Choice

LONDON, UK — August 2, 2021 — Spacestor,designer and manufacturer of workplace furniture solutions is proud to launch a modular meeting room system, Verandas. The first of its kind, Verandas is an easy-to-assemble, acoustically sealed room that is infinitely scalable and fully equipped with power and lighting—giving businesses the flexibility to build, remodel, deconstruct, and move their conference spaces as their offices grow or change. It’s a meeting room that never has to be thrown away, it adapts as workplace needs evolve.

“Leases are getting shorter, and spaces are changing faster. We’re in the midst of a great workplace experiment. We need furniture that is movable, scalable, and reconfigurable,” said Nic Baxter, Vice President of Global Research & Insights at Spacestor. “Employees are in search of socially-conscious work environments that make the office space worth traveling to, catering to their needs through a variety of settings for different work types.We’ve designed a meeting room that meets these needs and can adjust to the results of this experiment. We don’t know what the future will be, but with Verandas, it doesn’t matter.”

Essentially a kit of parts that are flexible and can adapt to the evolving needs of any organization, Verandas’ framework can grow to almost any size—from an individual pod to a 12-person meeting room and beyond. A unique, patented acoustic seal technique seals the entire structure to the floor achieving a high acoustic quality. This allows each panel of the exterior walls to be activated to form additional work settings like collaboration zones, heads-down workstations, or even storage areas.

“Top talent today are the most environmentally conscious workforce ever, demanding ever-increasing levels of responsible sourcing and due diligence,” noted Russell Kingston, Managing Director of Spacestor. “Traditional meeting rooms present a challenge: they’re expensive, they’re fixed and they’re full of materials that are impossible to recycle. We crafted Verandas to present a solution that exceeds the needs of today’s work environment.”

Designed to accommodate every brand’s unique identity and aesthetic, Verandas are customizable with a thorough range of upholstery materials, cladding, and finishes, and additional add-ons including cubbys, lockers, bench seats, white or chalkboards, cork walls, and “writeable” glass panels. Additionally, Verandas provides autonomy to its users through its inclusion of adjustable ventilation, dimmable, and/or app-controlled lighting to customize comfort levels to support their best work. Spacestor’s design technology allows the client to fully visualize the structure before purchase, and deliver every necessary component to the space.

Honing in on their honest commitment to comprehensively improving the future of modern living, Spacestor has engaged in the fight against youth homelessness by supporting DePaul International. With every purchase of a Verandas system, Spacestor will provide an overnight shelter for a homeless person in need.

About Spacestor

Spacestor is a designer and manufacturer of workspace furniture that seamlessly combines California cool and London design. With a legacy spanning three decades, Spacestor first established themselves as a key innovator of workspace furniture and design thinking in the United Kingdom, then brought that expertise to the United States over ten years ago. Today, the company holds offices in London, Los Angeles, and New York City—giving them a unique position to observe and learn from the companies that are driving culture change. With their experience working for a variety of clients including Google, Apple and Jaguar Land Rover, Spacestor knows how the workplace environment can drive employee engagement and build culture. Especially in a post-pandemic society that is defined by spontaneity and ever-evolving behaviors, Spacestor is programmed to respond to culture-shifts to better prepare the workforce of tomorrow.