Workspace of The Week - Samsung, Bangkok
Samsung’s Thai branch needed an office location that offered ‘creative hubs rather than meeting rooms’.

Samsung’s Thai branch needed an office location that offered ‘creative hubs rather than meeting rooms’. With this in mind, MADA Design Factory’s core focus was to create collaboration areas that were fun, welcoming and inspiring.

To embody collaboration, the designers looked at what unified Samsung as a whole. Interestingly, the proposed concept revolved around the fact that Samsung is a global brand, so the interior design is inspired by the various countries in which it already has offices.

Brightly coloured bean bags, American landscape wallpaper and a sofa that looks exactly like a side of fries as well as the option to have a friendly game of table football brings a playful element that encourages innovation and provides flexibility for enjoying creative collaboration during the day.

Samsung understand that in order to be effective, workers needs different spaces including areas where they can focus and concentrate therefore environments have been created with this in mind - Topiarised trees shaped in to pristine squares against a white backdrop gives a sense of tranquillity and calm.

Every area is spacious and provides as much natural light as possible, which is a clear sign that the employee’s well-being was at the forefront of the designers’ minds. One meeting room has a large seat that looks like a giant pebble, proving that surrounding stimulus can be fun, comfortable and functional.

What makes Samsung’s Thai offices so spectacular are the way in which it pulls together so many different visual aesthetics that reflects Samsung’s brand identity Their work space is a perfect example of trail-blazing innovation that provides a functional business solution with mixed textiles, pops of colour and Thai cultural influences.

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