Workspace of the Week - Sports Direct International Offices, London
Bringing together retail teams over four floors of reconfigurable office space, Sports Direct's new international offices create a unique experience in an inspiring and sleek environment.

Sports Direct have recently worked with PENSON to complete their international offices in London, England. A unique interior experience spanning four floors, designed to promote a retail connection in an inspiring, sleek environment.

The offices have been designed to bring together Sports Direct's creative teams with reconfigurable, very flexible office space. Photographic studios, event spaces, staff forums and a restaurant have also been incorporated into the workspace.

Sitting above the luxury Flannels' flagship store in Oxford Street gives the Sports Direct Group staff a physical connection to their customers, ensuring they remain firmly on the retail pulse. On arrival, a striking reception sets the tone of the HQ, with a bespoke desk, hints of red detailing and monochromatic surfaces. Throughout the entire space, polished and raw concrete walls, white gloss floors and digital screens provide a minimalist studio feel.

Digital backdrops, light boxes, bright artowrk, hi-tech lighting and projections all have been included in the design of this workspace, creating interactivity. Movement and collaboration is encouraged through circular desks, sofas and reconfigurable work settings.

The restaurant on the sixth floor serves fresh food all day, doubling up as a event space for product launches, catwalks and brand events with innovative moving walls.. Huge floor to ceiling windows open out onto a tranquil terrace and vistas over Oxford street.