Workspace of the Week - Rozenzwing Law Offices, Jerusalem
Rozenzwing's distinctive new offices in Jerusalem are sophisticated and prestigious, combining unique colours, textures and materials to create an enchanting design.

Rozenzwing's distinctive new offices in Jerusalem, Israel have recently been completed by Nurit Geffen Interior. High-status, sophisticated and prestigious, the unique workspace blends a mixture of different materials, colours and textures to produce a enchanting atmosphere.

At the entrance of the space, a wall with gold-veined black marble displays the firm's logo. A coffee corner and waiting area welcome visitors into the space, and to create the required atmosphere, the cabinets are in a shade of teal green, on a gold base with black seats and shelves.

Unique lighting features, constructed of brass, glass and iron are installed throughout the various office areas as a connecting element, creating a sophisticated design theme throughout the space.

The power wall faced with rich gold-veined marble constitutes the background for the entire workspace and is a connecting theme for all parts of the office. An emphatic black colour theme provides a high-status atmosphere, with chairs and decorative objects giving additional colour, and softening the typical rigid feel of a lawyer's offices.

A vista of the Jerusalem city can be seen in every room of this space, whilst the windows, framed in white semi-transparent curtains add to the prestigious atmosphere. Wall art and unique lighting fixtures are emphasized in the space as well.

All the other rooms are furnished using the same colour palette, black being the uniting colour with touches of nude pink, brass and green repeated in various elements. Artwork done by local artists is apparent throughout the office, in the entrance lobby, the associates' and secretaries' rooms, while natural vegetation provides a soothing atmosphere, tying in with the enchanting view of Jerusalem.