Workspace of the Week - Billtrust Headquarters, Lawrenceville
Billtrust's new headquarters in Lawrenceville demonstrate the company's core brand and values with a unique design that has been shaped by input of the firm's employees.

Billtrust have recently moved into their new headquarters campus in Lawrenceville, New Jersey. Completed by Acquilano, it was important that the space embodied the company's core values, but whilst the building they selected fitted their needs exactly, the interior was in need of modernisation.

To redefine the space, Acquilano travelled to New Jersey to conduct employee interviews, visit their office space and explore the culture and work dynamics of the company. Now, with a mix of open, private and scrum working environments, the design team at Acquilano have created a circulation pathway through the space which touches every department, dividing spaces, meeting zones, huddle areas and even spaces for play.

At the centre of the company's culture is Ping Pong. The CEO, a trained and passionate ping pong player, has infused this culture of play into the company since the beginning. Not just thrown in for looks, the design team have purposely positioned the table adjacent to the feature stair to allow for social connection with the play zone and main break area lounge.

A unique and vividly textural experience is apparent throughout the space. A mixture of wood, black metal mesh screens, moody lighting and detailed millwork enhances the circulation to create architectural expression and contrast. The furniture in the space has been designed to support ergonomics and departmental uniqueness, whilst also bringing in colourful and patterned fabrics to tie the entire space together.