Global Software Company
A tailored solution through uniform, and detail-driven design
Cambridge, UK
built by
Tsunami Axis




A leader in science and engineering software, this Global Software Firm's new UK office is based in the prime location of Cambridge Science Park. With over 130 companies, this is the UK’s hi-tech hub, with exciting start-ups and leading technology firms calling it home. 





Working with Tsunami Axis, the client was after a design that was uniform and detail driven. From the reception atrium, the eye is drawn up through the different levels of the building creating a sense of lightness. Motifs such as life-size photographic murals throughout the multiple floors of the building add an artsy ambience, while natural tones such as warm woods and slate grey shades, establish a relaxed colour palette connecting each level together. Every element of the design has been thoughtfully considered from lighting to furniture to create a striking, yet understated elegance.  

With a desire for collaboration zones for the growing teams, Spacestor Palisades II were chosen for their airy, space-dividing properties, combining the need for functional and aesthetic storage. Spacestor HotLockers in an elegant oak finish, mirror the Palisades, providing employees with safe storage and peace of mind for their personal belongings.