Fujitsu, Bracknell
Creating Cornerstones in Corporate Workplace Strategy
Bracknell, UK
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A leader in today’s technological information industry, Fujitsu is aware of how sustainable workplaces which are crafted to be flexible contribute towards an organization’s ability to retain and attract talent. Partnering with EPS in the creation of their new space in Bracknell, they have blended the classic Fujitsu cornerstone pieces with touches of location-specific uniqueness, enabling an intriguing extension of the Fujitsu brand whilst actively promoting a hybrid working model. 

“ We have selected the Railway Carriages and HotLockers to form part of our "cornerstone elements" landscape. These are elements that visitors and colleagues identify with each of our hub locations, and along with our brand strategy go to form the very heart of the Fujitsu workplace hubs. ”
Olly Dickinson, Head of Property & Workplace, Fujitsu NWE

Employing over 7000 employees in the UK, the Japanese-based corporate continues to support local communities, and their Bracknell-based UK HQ is no different. It leads and sits within the Business Improvement District which aims to improve infrastructure and business growth in the region, setting on numerous initiatives including events, loyalty cards and employment help. 

Maria Sabey, Head of Property,Fujitsu UK and Ireland speaks about Bracknell and being part of the location’s Business Improvement District, "Fujitsu enjoy the diversity and richness of the business community as the area becomes increasingly established as the heart of Europe’s Silicon Valley. Supporting other local businesses within the community is important as it enables the economy to continue to flourish and Fujitsu are proud to be part of the Business Improvement District which is quickly becoming established and attracting significant attention."

The refurbishment of the space was driven by a pressing need to update the site fire alarm system and within this requisite included the remediation of legacy asbestos in the building fabric, demanding a full strip-out. Therefore, the space, born out of necessity, was an opportunity for experiential enhancement towards both employees and customers alike. Traditional spaces are mixed with breakout spaces suited to accommodating differing working styles. Pitched-roof Railway Carriages, upholstered in deep blue and tan brown, provide a site for small meetings ensuring higher acoustic quality and increased ability to focus, without being isolated from the main space.

“Railway Carriages have become a key element of Fujtisu’s fit out standard and are appreciated by users for the niche requirement they fulfil; both between private room and open collaboration meeting and between personal desk and enclosed phone booth.” – Phillip Scrutton, Fujitsu.

Banks of HotLockers, with a monochromatic but colorful palette, are provided for employees as a personal storage solution. Custom graphics and pure white cladding with simple combination locks, features which have been chosen from a highly customizable range of finishes, materials, and lock types. Both Railway Carriage and HotLocker have Declare Labels and are LBC Red List Approved, aligning with the very high focus Fujitsu has on sourcing, sustainability, and accessibility.

Royal green seating, large windows and soft grey flooring mean the environment is light, open, and spacious. Although essentially open-plan, artistic acoustic barriers create spaces within the larger floorplan, initiating zones and adding more comprehensive functionality for employees. Technological integration and in-built flexibility mean that the UK base is a destination worthy of the commute, drawing employees for the experience and culture evoked by the built environment. Fujitsu Bracknell, a reflection of the company’s brand with personality but familiarity, has been warmly received, and authentically enables the Fujitsu Work Life Shift