Unlocking Potential with Workplace Lockers
Customizable and sustainable lockers can enhance the employee experience and become an extension of the brand. But how do you decide choose the right options for your workspace?

Good design is imperative in the workspace, and with truly great design comes appropriate storage. This requirement is perhaps even more critical in the current context of an increasingly hybrid working world, making workplace lockers a key player in design solutions.

We’ve been creating quality workspace lockers for over 30 years and understand how modular, customizable and sustainable lockers can enhance the employee experience and increase the viability of an agile workspace.

In this article, we’ll be giving our top tips for lockers, sharing how to choose the right one for your workspace and answering some commonly asked questions about agile lockers from our clients.


Locker Size and Locking Types


It’s no surprise to our clients that our range of HotLockers leave you spoilt for choice, but for many newcomers to the world of workplace design, the amount of design choice on offer can be overwhelming. Different companies and workers all have different needs; from storing a gym kit to hanging uniform. Our workplace lockers come in a range of sizes, with width, height and depth all fully customizable. Our smart lockers contain a range of compartment sizes meaning that there’s something for everyone packed neatly into one design solution.

When it comes to the different locks for workplace lockers, options are dependent on the level of functionality required. From classic, low-tech key and mechanical locks to our most high-tech locks that grant access based on apps, or even fingerprint lockers that allow dynamic locker assignment in the workplace, the possibilities are endless for your agile workspace.

Customizing; Unique Graphics and Furniture Integrations

Customizing lockers is vital for a workplace of the future, as they serve as an extension of your brand identity. Lockers are a perfect blank canvas that can be customized with personality, contributing to the company culture and employee well-being. Whether it’s colour, graphics, fonts or locker styles, our agile lockers come in an almost infinite range of finishes, to accentuate and enhance the feel of an environment.

Long gone are the days of long, dull runs of white lockers that cover a whole office wall – as well as looking great, lockers can integrate with almost any other of our modular solutions to truly blend fashion and functionality. For example, integrating lockers with the Snugglestor offers the perfect space to catch up with a colleague, check emails or even swap your shoes after jogging into the office. This level of custom integration can be seen in our project with EisnerAmper which went one step further in implementing lockers as a solution, by integrating HotLockers with the Phonebooth, complete with mail slots.

Top 5 Common Locker Questions Answered by the Experts


What sizes do you offer or recommend?


Spacestor offers every size you could need. While there are standard sizes to accommodate commonly used and stored at work items (motorbike helmets, IT equipment, coats etc.), we build one-of-a-kind custom sized lockers based on your individual workplace needs and strategy, ensuring the design supports your overarching workplace goals.


What is a smart lock?


While definitions differ as there is no agreed industry standard, a smart lock is generally accepted as a lock that is in some way “connected”, enabling facility management to monitor usage and availability, assign or reassign lockers or alter the settings. Smart locks enable locker assignment in the workplace through technology.

Can we connect our locks to our current access systems?


The answer is yes. The team at Spacestor are often asked whether an existing employee badge (often known as a RFID swipe card) can be used to activate our HotLockers, and 99% of the time we can work with existing card technology which means you don’t need to issue or manage a second employee badge. For the 1% of existing technologies that we cannot leverage, we have a range of other solutions that work just as well, such as using a phone app, which negates the needs for employees to remember to bring a separate card or key to the office.


What kind of reporting and software can be used with locker systems?


Many businesses can benefit from centralized, ‘real-time’ reporting which can give complete visibility of which lockers are in use, when they were accessed and check on the status of a locker that’s remained locked for a long period of time. Locker management software can be installed ‘on prem’, connected by WLAN for data exchange, or as a cloud solution – it really depends on independent IT systems and restrictions, but there’s always a solution for each workspace.

How can lockers be integrated into a wider workspace design?


At Spacestor, our priority is making solutions that work for you practically and aesthetically. Thanks to our extensive family of products available that we pride on being bespoke, agile and modular, lockers can be integrated with almost any other product. Popular integrations include System Walls for garment or paper storage, Palisades Grid products to provide additional zoning or display areas or the Railway Carriage for informal and impromptu collaboration – the possibilities are endless.