Looking for some quiet focused spaces for your workplace that also keep employees safe? Read below for information on our pods & booths seismic, fire alarm, sprinkler, and life safety provisions.


All our booths are designed to be able to be bolted to the floor and all can be installed to comply with seismic requirements. Site specific calculations can be produced based the height of the building, the highest floor level where the product is installed, the type of floor, and weight of product, to provide a seismic evaluation suitable to the building.

Fire Alarms

Due to the acoustic quality of our pods, some buildings require additional fire alarm precautions to be taken. Solutions for this problem include using a light strobe for visual indication that can be clearly seen through the glass window in the pod or fitting alarms within the pods. Specification can be facilitated, and we can assist in any sound tests that are required.


All our Pods & Booths have a sprinkler solution if required. There are options to fit sprinklers in the ceiling or walls of enclosed pods as preferred. The more open Railway Carriages have an effective open-top solution called a ‘moon-roof’ which removes the need to add sprinklers.

Inclusive Pods & Booths

Inclusive design starts at the concept of the space, follows through, and realizes results. If you’re looking to build a truly inclusive space, measures taken cannot be simply an add-on, but must be inextricably woven into the culture of your workplace.

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Video Pod vs Phone Pod

It can be confusing when looking at soundproof pods and booths to understand what it is you are really looking for, with various sizes and formats available and what really is the difference between them all? And which one is the ideal solution for you?

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