You feel employees need their own personal storage space, you’re passionate about improving their workplace experience and see lockers as way to create an extension of your brand. Perhaps you've started to explore the different locking options that may suit your overall locker strategy and you're interested to learn more about how smart lockign systems work. Read on to discover more about the smart locking process, data trails and app-integration. 

A Smart Locking System

A smart locking system is a high-tech, future-proof sollution which allows employees to select self-service lockers dynamically, or for lockers to be permanently assigned to an employee as needed. Administration software can be installed physically or virtually, fully integrated with your organization's existing IT platform enabling hassle-free admin accessibility and control.

Smart Locking - How It Works

Follow the steps below to learn how the user experience of a smart locker differs from that of a mechanical or digital locking strategy. 

Step 1

Find an available locker by looking for the green LED light. 

Step 2

Touch card or tag against the locker to claim it in the system. 

Step 3

Deposit your items into the locker and push the door shut. 

Step 4

Touch card against the locker to lock (the LED light will turn red). 

Step 5

Forgot your locker number? Use the terminal to relocate. 

Step 6

Touch card against locker to unlock (LED light turns green). 

Step 7

Remove all your items from your locker and shut the door. 

Step 8

The locker is now available for another to use. 

Other Locker Use Cases

Lockers are a great storage solution in the workplace. But, have you considered all the scenarios in which lockers can be applied? Schools, lobbys, clubs, gyms and much more. Smart locking can even accomodate a parcel delivery service! There may be problem, that when you think about it, can be solved by a locker strategy. So, click the button below to learn more. 

Locker Use Cases

Admin with Smart Lockers

With a smart locker strategy, the most comprehensive management reporting and control will be achieved. Lockers in banks in various locations can be controlled from one central software system and through an easily manageable and intuitive system. Any locker can be opened in an emergency, broken or faulty locks are flagged, and users can be switched/cancelled or modified. 

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Smart Locking is the most sophisticated and tech-integrated locker strategy for both user experience and administration. 

~ Spacestor Locker Team

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