Workspace of the Week - BASIC Agency Offices, San Diego
The BASIC Agency's new creative workspace in San Diego facilitates both collaborative and private working in a space which is as functional as it is beautiful.

A branding agency located in San Diego, California has recently collaborated with BNIM & Brewer Design Agency to design their new offices. With an emphasis on simplicity, the natural attributes of the building dictated the layout. Scenic views, multiple garage doors, the integration of passive ventilation, natural light and reflective concrete have put health and harmony at the centre of the design.

With the opportunity to start fresh in a brand new space, BASIC and their design partners have created offices which truly represent their brand with their aesthetic by using custom furnishings, and a clean colour and material palette which includes lots of steel, white oak, and black accents.

An open loft style layout provides the opportunity for a collaborative work space and to optimize this, BASIC Agency and their design partners have implemented a pod-style floor plan with a view to enhance productivity by empowering staff to create spaces that suit their individual needs whilst allowing for collaboration with partners and clients. 

BASIC's creative workspace is separated into four "zones": Zone 1 is the entrance. Engaging, inspiring and inviting - the space welcomes guests and employees into a cleaan, modern area featuring a statement steel reception desk and glass meeting rooms.

Zone 2 is a socialization space, dedicated to social interactions in conference rooms, break rooms and an open kitchen/bar for visitors to meet during and after work hours. Zone 3 is a collaboration space which is the main working area. Known as the Pit, it allows for up to 70 staff to get together and create with the surrounding spaces being open for quick meetings, ideas sketching and teleconferencing. Adjacent to this is a large space full of modular whiteboards, making the space suitable for project development.

Zone 4 is the deep thinking space. Separate pods are divided from the communal working space and can be closed off to allow for small group sessions, huddles, phonecalls and a place for staff to break away for private time. Consideration for the future has been a key part of the design of this workspace and the convertible spaces allow desks to be moved or added, private rooms to become offices, and work areas can become event spaces. This allows space usage to change as time passes.