Workspace of the Week - CEDC International Offices, Warsaw
A beverage company located in Warsaw, Poland has recently worked with Trzop Archtekci to deliver a unique design for their new offices.

CEDC International have recently redesigned their offices in the Bobrowiecka 8 office building in Warsaw. The solutions applied have been specifically tailored to the company needs, with furniture, details and design solutions being closely related to the investor's industry.

The office is modern and maintains a human-friendly character. Greenery is used through natural moss in the space, and a relaxation zone was designed, inspired by Italian vineyards. Surrounded by brick walls, bottles of wine and views of the vineyard, it's almost possible to feel as if on holiday in Tuscany.

The CEDC International office space has been divided into zones. Firstly is the zone with a representative reception. Over 1,800 glass bottles of Żubrówka hang above the counter, highlighted with LED lighting and arranged to represent the shape of billowing grains in the wind. A common space with a professional bar is the place for informal meetings and integration. The area for CEDC employees has been divided into departments responsible for wine, whisky and vodka. The space of each is characterized by design consistent with the branding of products. Within the offices are also meeting and collaboration zones, conference rooms, coffee points and chill out areas, whose names and stylistics refer to CEDC products.

Attention to detail was a key aspect in the design process, and a special focus was placed on the use of natural wood, a material which is necessary for the natural process of producing alcohol, and so key to the design process. Energy efficient LED lighting and basin faucets with low water consumption were used, and the acoustics within the office were also a key consideration, to allow a productive working enviornment.

Shades of white and grey have been used throughout the space, emphasising the elegant character of the interior. Great attention has been put on acoustics with functional zone dividers to provide a variety of different working environments. Even with such a large space, the office has a combination of different spaces, with an interesting character.