Workspace of the Week - Maserati Offices Shanghai

Set in the new developing area of Shanghai Pudong district, Maserati Office and Maserati Academy have moved into their shared offices designed to make a big impact within the automotive industry.

BYLU DESIGN completed Maserati‘s new location with a mix of open and closed offices inspired by the comfort and soft lines of the automotive industry in Shanghai, China. Starting from the entrance, both clients and employees are immersed in a space made of light, rich materials and soft lines.

The focus point of the office are reception and lounge that stand out in the surrounding space as two metal blocks. The design is a tribute to Maserati’s car models: the interior is soft and rich, with materials like wood and Alcantara fabric, while the exterior, wrapped in stainless steel, is cold and winding, to recall the body of the car.

Collaboration and openness are important values for this client. In order to evoke these feelings in the new space, most of the natural light entering the 33rd floor of this panoramic space is dedicated to open workspace. The enhancement of natural light was considered to promote the employees’ wellbeing, in a design that also promotes efficient flows and social spaces that encourages the exchange of ideas among teams from different departments.

The place is functionally articulated, with offices incorporating the latest technological equipment in order to attract and meet the needs of any employee. A variety of support spaces of different sizes have been created to being used for both individual and team work, allowing different levels of privacy.

The pantry is conveniently place at one of the corners of the office, between Maserati Office and Maserati Academy. The café is an inviting space that promotes a sense of community between clients and staff, where they can relax or work in a cozy spot outside their office.

A round table can be isolated by a sliding curtain to become an informal meeting space. This welcoming and friendly gathering space is the ideal spot to have a quick coffee, host meetings or events.

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