Falkirk Council
Falkirk Council have recently worked with Langstane on the re-design of their ‘Foundry’ building in Larbert, to create a contemporary and accessible workspace for all their employees.
Falkirk, Scotland

The 'Foundry' building, part of Falkirk Council's workspace, has been refurbished to provide an upgraded experience for all the employees who work there, providing a greater range of amenities and a focus on universal design to create a more accessible experience for all. Working with office furniture providers, Langstane, the Falkirk Council's in-house design team, created a space that provides a variety of settings; from workstations, to breakout kitchen areas, to collaborative meeting spaces and touchdown booths. 

In four different locations throughout the space, a couple of our Portals booths provide staff with an accessible, touchdown space for quiet working. With height-adjustable desks, and a wide enough entry for a wheelchair, these booths support Falkirk's inclusive approach to workspaces. Portals also promotes healthy working and good ergonomics, allowing staff to work standing up if they wish, or wheel in an ergonomic task chair, rather than a fixed perch or stool.





Providing staff with personal storage lockers throughout the space, supports their 'clear desk' policy by ensuring staff have a personal space without using a desk as the storage area. This avoids a buildup of clutter in the main workspace as well as allowing for easier cleaning.