Specialist Insurance Company
Introducing the agile working concept with the Railway Carriage
London, UK
designed by
The Jones London
built by
Advanced Interior Solutions

In this project, we teamed up with Advanced Interior Solutions during the expansion of an insurance company’s workspace. A London-based specialist insurance company recognised the importance of incorporating plenty of places for employees to work and hold meetings while utilising the amount of space they had. They decided to take an additional floor in their building as they wanted to introduce ‘new ways of working’. Their new workspace included various seating areas used to encourage collaboration and a central comfy drop in area with acoustic panels to enhance privacy without the additional walls which could take up office floor space.

We provided solutions for internal meeting spaces as well as agile working in the workspace. The idea of agile working was introduced with a number of Spacestor products including our Railways Carriages which allows employees to work in a more informal and quiet space. The Railway Carriages are also great for holding smaller meetings instead of using a large meeting room.

Our Sorted storage wall provided plenty of storage for the workspace with a sleek and aesthetically clean design that fit into walls and the design of the office seamlessly.

Along with these products, our unique Zee bench desks were included offering a more informal place to work as well as the durable and open design that allows employees to collaborate together at the desk too.

We were happy to provide workspace furniture that encourages agile working in the new office as well as including acoustic materials within the densely populated areas. Our products allowed staff to utilise space and enjoy working in areas designed to promote productivity while blocking out any distractions in a busy workspace for meetings and focused working.

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