Watches of Switzerland
Where nature and luxury meet
Leicester, UK
designed by
Modus Workspace


This 75,000 sq ft office space was transformed in a captivating collaboration between Modus Workspace, Platfform and Quadrant Design


In an HQ relocation to Leicester, The Watches of Switzerland Group transformed their space into a unifying hub for the various brands represented under their umbrella. Essential to delivering this project was the consideration, to create neutral spaces that could effortlessly integrate and complement each distinct brand identity.





With a captivating theme centred on the surrounding landscape and drawing inspiration from the allure of nature, the building creatively utilises each of its three floors to portray a vivid impression of earth, landscape, or sky. This is evident through the integration of earthy tones, rich greens, and soothing blues and teals, transitioning from floor to floor with a consistent quality. Statement pieces strategically placed throughout the space accentuate the deep colours and add a touch of luxury, while tasteful brass and metallic touches resonate with the brand's design and culture.






The design seamlessly incorporates numerous breakout spaces strategically positioned throughout the office, allowing employees to effortlessly disconnect from their work desks to collaborate with others. Each department in the building benefits from its own designated collaborative zone, such as bar areas for coffee and catch-ups, as well as semi-collaborative areas for scrum working and innovation, all equipped with digital screens, cosy furnishings, and curated libraries filled with inspirational books.

These spaces empower employees throughout the organisation to choose the right space for their tasks, as well as encourage them to take a moment to rejuvenate, promoting staff well-being in the office. Complementing this is the thoughtful incorporation of biophilia, especially within the traditional desking areas to add a dynamic touch to the environment. 

Spacestor’s display Storagewall effortlessly fits into the scheme, featuring integrated soft lighting and a matt finish that harmonizes and blends in well with the earthy tones, rich greens, and soothing blues and teals of the overall colour palette.

Giving the appearance of bespoke joinery, Spacestor worked with Modus to supply Storagewall that offers a modular and space-efficient solution whilst effectively showcasing a variety of inspirational brand literature and giving the breakout space vibrant pops of colour and distinctive character. Breakout areas in the flexible office design feature a cluster of chairs and a coffee table, inviting employees to take a small break or brief collaborative session. The integrated media screen serves as a great platform for showcasing brand information, fostering opportunities for compelling presentations, inspirational content, or seamless visitor education regarding the company's mission and activities.

Spacestor’s storage solutions offer highly customizable options and a variety of design choices, allowing modular furniture to naturally blend in with a design scheme's aesthetic. Lockers discreetly provide a personal storage solution for employees without permanent desks, featuring a specially selected finish that complements the overall design, giving a sense of chic and inviting ambience.
HotLockers by Spacestor feature locking strategies with a range of available technological advancements, allowing businesses to seamlessly integrate them into their workplace strategy and enhance ease of management for facilities teams. This can be achieved with flexibility in dimensions, finishes, and technological integration into an organization's existing facilities system.

These headquarters are a true representation of the Watches of Switzerland Group, honouring the brand's identity in a nurturing space where their employees can continue to develop and grow. The exceptional workspace design has provided staff with a significant boost towards achieving their goals, manifesting the value in combining high functionality with luxury the brand is renowned for.

Images by RS Brown Photography