Workspace of the Week - Arup Offices, Warsaw
Workplace designed the new Arup office in Warsaw with a multidisciplinary team of specialists to create a space that regenerates both people and the planet.

Workplace designed the new Arup office in Warsaw with a multidisciplinary team of specialists to create a space that regenerates both people and the planet, incorporating neuroscience-based guidelines for aesthetics and lighting.

The aim of this project was more than sustainability – it was regeneration. Regeneration of people and the planet. This project was multidisciplinary, bringing together specialists from different fields. Neuroscientists, lighting experts or plant experts. Neuroscientific guidelines for regeneration were translated into an aesthetic language in line with the Arup brand.

Dozens of people – one goal
Arup has completed projects in 140 countries around the world: from the Sydney Opera House to Paris’ Centre Pompidou to the finalisation of the Sagrada Familia Basilica in Barcelona. This time, Arup has entrusted Workplace, a Warsaw-based design studio, with the task of designing its working environment.

The two companies share common values – a sustainable approach to architecture and construction. Arup’s office in Warsaw reflects this approach. It is the result of a creative prototyping and scripting process. The result is a space that simultaneously supports the regeneration of employees and the wellbeing of the planet.

Sustainable future today
How do you create a new working environment that caters to today’s and tomorrow’s needs?

Open minds and innovative solutions were needed.

Workplace and Arup involved dozens of specialists including neuroscientists and plant experts, who together created a new standard in office environment design.

The backstage of the process
It all began with a desire to create a place that demonstrated Arup’s brand values.

Research-oriented Workplace explored the needs of Arup employees through co-created prototypes and future scenarios. It then invited the neuroscience-focused Impronta to collaborate.

Through in-depth research and a selection of scientific theories, guidelines for colours, geometry or lighting were defined and used in the design process. These are crucial in creating a space that is beneficial to the diverse needs of its users.

QLab Laboratory of Light was invited to design natural and artificial lighting.

Beneficial for the eye lighting system was incorporated into the space, enhancing ergonomics.

The new space was designed based on the original thought practice created for the project: wise design. This means that the design aimed to be as economical as possible for the benefit of both the investor and the environment.

In order to achieve this, it was decided to remain in the same building – Gdański Business Center in Warsaw. Arup also carried out an employee survey which indicated that this location allows employees to commute by public transport and bicycle reducing the carbon footprint and providing employees with convenient access to the office.

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