Workspace of the Week - LEGO Headquarters, Billund
LEGO's new headquarters in Billund, Denmark express the core values of the group: imagination, creativity, fun, learning, caring and quality.
Lego have recently opened their new headquarters in Billund, Denmark after four years of planning and construction. Designed by C.F. Møller Architects, the space covers 54,000 square metres and will house more than 2,000 employees when finished in 2021.
Inspiration for the building came from a painting in LEGO Group owner, Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen's office of a boy proudly holding up his LEGO building creation. This gave the architects license to adopt a more playful approach to their design, including the use of LEGO bricks in the exterior walls, yellow bricks on the roof and an entryway constructed of bricks.
Senior Workplace Anthropologist at LEGO, Anneke Beerkens has spent the last two years working with hundreds of employees from around the world to design the ultimate workplace. There are eight new buildings in the headquarters, which include play areas, lounges and outdoor parks which are open to members of the public. Five hundred employees have already moved into two of the new buildings.
An essential part of the LEGO Group's core values is sustainability, known as the "Planet Promise." To incorporate this promise into the space design, 4,150 solar panels cover the roof of the nearby parking garage, producing more than 1 million kWh which supplies half the energy of the campus.
In a nod to the company's iconic products, the exterior of the garage is decorated with a design inspired by LEGO road playmats. The rooftops of the new buildings are covered with Sedum plants which absorb water which is used to irrigate the green parks in the campus area.
During construction of the headquarters, the consultants chose a special gypsum fibre board material over standard materials, this required less steel framing consequently saving 22 tons of steel and 650 tons of CO2 emissions.
Employees visiting Billund in 2021 will be welcomed into a stunning new space with numerous amenities. The central area will be the "People House," offering a large auditorium, fitness centre, arts and crafts workshop, café and accommodation for employees visiting Billund.