Workspace of the Week - Mafin Offices, Moscow
Mafin's new offices in Moscow are flexible and modular, capturing the adventurous spirit of the insurance firm with a expedition-inspired design...

Mafin's Moscow office has been designed by ABD architects. An expedition-inspired design which captures the adventurous spirit of the insurance firm.

Reflecting the spirit of researchers and discoverers, the office space contains long facades of meeting rooms and cabinets, designed to represent the cabins of an airplane and a bathyscaphe lost in the jungle. Tropical plants, lianas and stabilized moss create a jungle atmosphere and each area of the office space has its own unique design, embodying the ornaments of ancient civilizations, tourist attributes and nature motifs.

One of the meeting rooms is created in the style of the famous French cave Lascaux with a wall featuring cave paintings. In fact, the entire workspace interior has been designed with unique murals and drawings: animals of the tropical jungle, rock paintings and ancient tribal fonts.

ABD architects have designed a very adaptible space, allowing the space to be reconfigured according to the changing needs of employees. Transformable partitions zone the space, and allow meeting rooms to be used for quiet spaces for individual working, or to be combined with a corridor for presentations and events.

The Mafin office has been designed around the "Hot Desking" principle, there are no fixed workplaces and each employee has the opportunity to choose a work place to suit the task they are working on. Each employee also has a personal locker for storing their things, made from wooden boxes from cargo ships.

Not only equipped with work areas, the office has several different meeting rooms, collaboration zones and relaxation areas. Allowing employees to rest in the lounge areas and games rooms, fully relax in the sleep capsules and then to return to work with new energy.