Workspace of The Week - Updater, New York City.
Filled with inspiring fresh tones and vibrancy, this tech company's new workspace has stunning views of New York City and is filled with decorative interest with doodle designs and famous lyric quotes.

This year, tech company Updater moved its employees from a smaller workspace in the Flatiron District into a spacious 10,000 square foot space near USQ Park, New York City.


This new workspace is home to 75 workstations, a variety of lounging areas, 8 conference rooms for formal meetings and a stadium seating area perfect for large meetings or just a quick catch up with work colleagues.

As a tech company, it’s only right to incorporate plenty of tech features in the workspace! To ensure that employees are well aware of where they can work and hold meetings throughout the day the space also includes iPad conference room reservation systems that allows them to make reservations and book any of the conference rooms.


These rooms have built in video conferencing solutions too - ideal for the remote team of Updater.

With all of this built in tech, the space is filled with vibrancy and fresh tones that are inspiring. Employees can marvel at the stunning views of New York City outside whilst enjoying the doodle designs surrounding the stadium area and within the conference and meeting rooms there are famous quotes from songs decorated on the walls too.

The workspace also encourages plenty of collaboration with long tables and collaborative seating arrangements making it perfect for team working tasks.


We’re inspired by the homely apartment feel with the shared kitchen and bar installed into the workspace as well as the soft seating areas designed to encourage social interaction.

Does this workspace inspire you?

Take a look at Updater’s vibrant workspace in New York City .

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