Workspace of the Week - ThinkGarden, Milan
A temporary and nomadic workplace designed to go beyond a simple spatial solution. Trees, plants and natural lights all contribute to the wild, nature-inspired space, creating spaces dedicated to wellbeing and collaboration.

“If we cannot build our office in a forest… let’s bring the forest here.” That’s what the creators of ThinkGarden Milan must have thought. Instead of limiting the time employees spend surrounded by green to a lunch break outside, this creative business lounge was designed to bring nature indoors. Trees, plants and natural lighting through open skylights all contribute to the outdoor feeling. It is a temporary and nomadic workplace designed to go beyond a simple spatial solution.

The illusion of nature is more far-reaching than a bit of green and natural lighting. The walls give the impression of being in the middle of a forest. Even the bean bags look like stones and boulders. Do you think the experience of working and conversing in such a space facilitates novel ideas and productivity? One thing is for sure, beneath the wild and natural appearance, ThinkGarden offers the best technology to support doing business, discussing an idea, presenting a project or isolating yourself to push through that big thing on the top of your to-do list. ThinkGarden experiments with configuring different ways of working. The business area is complemented by an outdoor courtyard, a bar, golf green and meeting spaces. Moreover, there are several sections dedicated to personal well-being. Employees can take a moment of relaxation walking in the barefoot area or resting in a hammock. What do you think of combining professional work and personal relaxation?

ThinkGarden explores the potential of interior design to the fullest. The space is designed to promote the creativity of the users and encourage knowledge sharing. Rather than a minimalist meeting room, this creative business lounge is an experience in its own, designed with the purpose of facilitating new relationships and ideas. The reusable and recyclable fit-out gives the opportunity to be distanced from the hustle of the city for a moment. Images taken from: