Workspace of the Week - Canvas, Los Angeles
Canvas Worldwide's LA workspace has to be the most colourful, most vibrant.. Eye-catching, colour-changing glass creates stunning effects bathing the space with an ever-changing spectrum of coloured light.

How colourful and vibrant is your workspace? We can guarantee it’s not as colourful as creative media agency Canvas Worldwide’s workspace in Los Angeles!

If one were to explore it without its glasses sheets, it may appear clinically, cleanly white. However, its glass injects colour, symbolising Canvas Worldwide's electric energy.

This 36,000-square-foot office in the Silicon Beach neighbourhood, in west L.A. was cleverly designed by the architects at A+I. Throughout this simple yet striking workspace, there are meeting rooms surrounded by dichroic glass that interrupts light waves to create stunning, colourful effects throughout the workspace. The eye-catching, colour-changing glass ensures an ever-evolving interior basked in light. Moving through the office is an experience in itself, a journey through the colour spectrum and through a workplace that personifies their colourful personality. A rainbow solidified, it reflects shades of magenta, chartreuse, emerald, and honey yellow within the workspace. It has a seemingly oil-stained, iridescent effect that ensures working indoors can never be dull to the eye at Canvas Worldwide.


The glass was produced by 3M with the intention of reflecting Canvas’s creativity and the work produced for their clients. As well as the beautiful glass meeting rooms, the workspace is the perfect place to collaborate with plush seating areas that welcoming to all employees. There are plenty of biophilic elements that not only brings the outdoors in but also creates cool apartment vibes too.

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