Workspace of the Week – M Booth, New York
A global communications company pioneering in creative science made their focus on creativity and imagination integral to the design of their new workspace in New York.

Simply having a workplace in New York already places you ten steps ahead of the game in terms of cool-ness, yet M Booth, our workplace of the week, doesn’t just settle with having an enviable location as their interiors aren’t half bad either. 

M Booth are a global communications company that pioneer in creative science, in the intersection between research, insight and imagination, and this focus on creativity and imagination is integral to the design of their new workspace.

Their new offices, located in Midtown New York, were designed by the Spector Group, and their aim was to create an environment with collaboration and employee satisfaction at the forefront. They wanted a space so that their employee’s could come together in a creative and energising location which would reflect the companies core ethos of being zany, refreshing and different. 

The new design takes advantage of the buildings natural light by placing all of the collaboratives areas and workstations closer to the windows whilst having the offices located more towards the interior.

The offices also feature glass cubes with sofa’s and cushions inside, to help evoke that sense of ‘working from home’ and keep employee’s happy, comfortable and motivated to come to work! This workspace nods heavily towards the popular industrial aesthetic with exposed vents, cool metalwork furnishings and decorative lighting including a yellow LED light in the reception.

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