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Palisades II
A hugely flexible way of zone dividing that brings a mid-century modern style into today’s highly adaptable organisations.
Product Description
Open offices bring benefits with natural light, space, collaboration, but also challenges without walls to divide space. Palisades ll offers a new way of dividing zones in a light and minimalist way. An elegant expression of an architecture within an architecture, allowing for a simple, attractive division of space without building walls. The world’s best talent needs a mix of private and collaborative spaces to thrive, and Palisades ll makes this possible. With organisations changing so fast, leading techs need agile spaces that can be repurposed quickly and cheaply: Palisades ll is a hugely flexible system and can be customized to your design with biophilia, shelving and other accessories. Palisades ll can grow to any size, making new architectures around or even over your desk; your imagination is the limit! Taking inspiration from the great mid-century modernist Californian designer Muriel Coleman, Palisades ll brings Coleman’s light, harmonious aesthetic into the ever-evolving workspace.
Technical specs
  • Variations
  • Dimensions
  • Accessories
  • Variations
    Palisades II Type L
    Palisades II Type C
    Palisades II Type Y
    Palisades II Type D
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  • Dimensions
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    Type L
    Type C
    Type Y
    Type D
  • Accessories
    Acoustic Panel
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  • Overview
  • Certifications
  • Product Lifecycle
  • Product Summary
  • Overview

    Here at Spacestor, good environmental management is crucial to the continued success of our business and is a concept that we encourage throughout our entire supply chain. Like our supply chain partners, we take our environmental responsibilities seriously, assessing factors such as waste management, the provenance of our timber and reducing our overall carbon footprint.

    Dedicated manufacturing facilities in the UK and USA provide you with ultimate flexibility in product customization and lead time.


    LEED, WELL & BREEAM Contribution:

    Palisades II has the following attributes which can help to acheive criteria of LEED, WELL, BREEAM and SKA specified projects:

    1. 1.   Third party low emission testing certification in progress to comply with BIFMA standard        M7.1-2007, and WELL requirements.
    2. 2.   No added formaldehyde 
    3. 3.   No VOC in glues, paints and sealants
    4. 4.   Low-emitting materials
    5. 5.   Sustainable purchasing
    6. 6.   Recycled content
    7. 7.   Product is locally manufactured
    8. 8.   Locally sourced materials wherever possible
  • Certifications


    All our wood products and veneers are manufactured from FSC certified suppliers and are 100% traceable from the forest to our clients.


    We meet all required CHAS health & safety standards


    We practice sustainability and are FISP certified.


    We comply to ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO14025 to meet regulations and the needs of our clients.

  • Product Lifecycle

    Raw Materials: Palisades II materials are locally supplied wherever possible and procured from suppliers who are quality inspected for extraction methods.

    Production: All production sites have recycling facilities for excess materials. Production is localised as much as possible. All products sold in the USA are manufactured in our Los Angeles facility.

    Packaging: The packaging consists of cardboard and LDPE wrap which are 100% recyclable

    Distribution: Generally occurs between the manufacturing site to the client. All packaging is 100% recyclable. Palisades II requires less energy for shipping due to minimized packaging weight and volume, reducing the carbon footprint of the product.

    End of Life: Spacestor is dedicated to product longevity. Palisades II is  made with replaceable parts and easily changeable accessories. It is easily disassembled at the end of life and 100% recyclable by weight.

  • Product Summary

    Material Composition:

    • 100% Steel

    Recycled Content by Weight:

    • 100% Recyclable Content by Weight

    Recyclable Packaging:

    100% Recyclable Packaging - Cardboard and LDPE

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