In the workplace of today, a variety of spaces are essential to provide the optimum working conditions for a huge range of tasks. Spacestor's range of Pods and Booths provide a multiplicity of different places for focused work, video calls or collaboration, depending on the product chosen.


Whilst the use case of each pod and booth is clear, the design and customization is up to you and your brand! Now it’s time to consider customization, so your pods can become an extension of your brand and are chosen for optimum productivity. Take a look below at your options.


Depending on the need, our pods range from single person booths, up to 6-person spaces and with Verandas, the options for meeting room sizes are endless. A choice of the width of Portals enables greater accessibility, and the customizable height of Portals ensure a flush streamlined aesthetic when located in conjunction with other furniture. 


Varied options of materiality, with differing texture and feels, mean that pods can be customized to be an extension of the brand and enhance employee experience. From colors which inspire creativity to tones which enhance on screen appearance. 


Claddings of pods come in a range of MFC’s and wood finishes, therefore enabling their integration into and enhancement of any design. Custom graphics or wood stains enable even greater customization – see our projects at HMRC and Hermes. 

Verandas Customization

Verandas; an engineered architectural room system that is inherently sustainable and curated for the future. As with all Spacestor products, easy customization and a huge array of finish options allow you to create a look that is totally bespoke and yet built on a scalable framework.


An interently sustainable product, with resuse and healthy materials at its core. 


Built-in reconfigurability allows for future spaces to be created from the same parts. 


Huge design choice with a plethora of finish options, accessories and add-on spaces. 

Interested in the endless opportunities pods & booths customization? Want to talk about your ideas and designs? Submit your details and we'll get in touch.