Diversity of expertise and perspectives is instrumental to Jacobs' solutions based approach to complex problems
Salt Lake City, Utah
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Diversity of expertise and perspectives is instrumental to Jacobs' solutions based approach to complex problems. This expertise was recently applied to their first US based hub in Salt Lake City reflecting a strategic approach to new ways of working. This approach addresses the core elements of Culture, Place and Tools and ensures a solution that is people centric and will comfortably accommodate over 60 people across the 7,600 USF of space.

“ Where & how we work is changing. Spacestor offers us a suite of modular components that will evolve and adapt as we continue to redefine our Purpose of Place. Intentional interactions are facilitated by the diversity of furniture settings that are a vital part of the in person and virtual experience that our New Ways of Working solution enables ”
Nancy Siefert, Vice President and Global Director for People & Places Solutions

With three-fold benefits to be had from this approach; social, environmental and financial, the solution creates a triple impact. For the employees who work in the space, greater inclusion and accessibility is maximized through flexible working, smart space design and furniture choice. The flexible approach also has resulted in substantially reduced commuting, reducing the overall carbon footprint of Jacobs as a whole. And finally, fewer resources are needed financially to deliver and operate the transformative space.

Jacobs wanted to maximize the flexibility of the space for their people, in order to allow them to choose spaces to suit their work need and to ensure that future flexibility was easy. Working with their design teams and the team at Workplace Resource, we provided a range of our furniture items to support their need for flexibility as well as their ongoing sustainability goals. The collaborative Railway Carriage booths allow teams to quickly meet to discuss ideas without the formality of booking a meeting room, or taking up as much floorspace as a traditional meeting room would.

Supporting the inclusive culture created throughout the space, both the Portals booths and the Residence Max provide an equal experience for all users. The Residence Max has a step-free access and the Portals are available in wheelchair accessible variations. Customized to suit the look and feel of the design, both the upholstery choices and the graphics on the glass are echoed elsewhere in the workspace. Finally our Snugglestor provides an upholstered alcove which serves as an impromptu meeting space or canteen breakout seating. We value our ongoing role to provide flexible and sustainable products to Jacobs locations globally, from Dallas to London, Bristol to Salt Lake City, enhancing the New Ways of Working experience one location at a time. 


Photography Credit: © Jeffrey Totaro