Workspace of the Week - Mojeh, Dubai
Leather-lined walls, brushed brass and glistening chandeliers are what enables employees to create beautiful content for this high-end fashion magazine company

Gold paint, opulent fabrics and monolithic marble gives you the impression of having walked in to one of the most expensive hotels in the world. Instead, MOJEH is a high-end fashion magazine bringing the latest trends from around the world for their elite Middle-Eastern clientele.

Award-winning firm Swiss Bureau Interior Design (SBID) were asked to create an office that can comfortably accommodate luxury brands such as Prada, Cartier and Louis Vuitton. The interior designers have used the Midas touch; if it’s not already gold, then it certainly looks as expensive as.

Further to the brief was the need for a bright and clean design. Still incorporating the need for chic design, the walls have been lined with soft pale leather, the ceilings are crisp white and dotted with spotlights. Minimalist, classy and ensuring that employee focus is on curating beautiful content for the magazine.

Every surface is gleaming in a pristine sea of reflective glass. Glass must be regularly cleaned to maintain such a flawless façade, and such up-keep is synonymous with luxury fashion. As a supermodel, regular personal maintenance is expected as the norm; therefore, MOJEH’s office truly is the cover girl.

Each room offers an indulgent air, as though anything is possible and anything is available. What grounds these limitless ideas, is the biophilic touches of Sanseveria plants. More commonly known as ‘Snake plants’ or ‘Mother-in-law’s tongue’, this hardy greenery works alongside floor to ceiling windows to allow nature in to this otherwise artificial environment.

Anything but mundane, MOJEH’s Dubai headquarters mean business. It’s evident that sophisticated meetings led by industry-disruptors happen in this office: you don’t see stacked paper trays and cuddly toys, you’re surrounded by brushed brass and glistening chandeliers. This office design immediately articulates its intent, to set the benchmark in both quality and innovation.