Workspace of the Week - Shutterstock, New York
A visually pleasing office for one of the fastest growing images sites. Housed in the Empire State Building, the free-flowing and open space is divided into lots of small spaces for individual work with a few larger collaborative areas.

Shutterstock is one of the fastest growing image sites around – so it makes sense that they would have such a visually pleasing office. Since moving to their new location in the Empire State Building a few years ago, Shutterstock now has one of the coolest spaces around.

STUDIOS Architecture came up with the final design for the space which was a collaboration between themselves and Shutterstock. During the design process, they knew that they wanted to play with the juxtaposition of a modern tech company being housed inside of such a classic and historic building.

When looking at how they were going to design their new space, Shutterstock analysed meeting times from the previous 7 months to determine the best amount of conference rooms for the employee’s needs. What they found was that their results emphasized the need for lots of small breakout rooms and only a few larger conference rooms.

Employee’s also had quite a significant role in the design of their offices as they voted on everything from meeting room names to game room themes!

Shutterstock’s Empire State Building offices are free-flowing and open, with loads of small spaces for people to duck into for individual work. There’s also a large café which is designed to encourage collaborative interactions and group encounters.

Other interesting features of this office include a yoga/meditation room, massage rooms, a steampunk-inspired library, extensive gallery space and a research lounge for meetings with customers and contributors.

We love how this space is a perfect representation of the Shutterstock company ethos and demonstrates how your office should be an extension of your company values and attitudes! Images were taken from: Office Snapshots