You feel employees need their own personal storage space, you’re passionate about improving their workplace experience and see lockers as way to create an extension of your brand.


You know a one-size-fits-all locker is not going to do the job, but what options are there when customizing and creating the ultimate locker solution? With HotLocker, the options for design and customization are endless. To create the locker solution that suit your needs, we can guide you through the size and shape options, finishes, colours or full wrap graphics, integration with other products, numbering and locker personalisation, lock options as well as all the internal accessory options.

The Factors Effecting Customization Choices:



Visual Impact

What do you want your lockers to say? Are they a statement, an extension of your brand and an inspirational aesthetic? Their visual impact can know no bounds with the highly customizable finishes, accessories, and sizes. 

Environmental Impact

The quality and flexibilty of the HotLocker ensures it's lifetime is long and there are less wasted materials. The HotLocker has also achieved a Declare Label, being Red List approved, meaning that it is good for the environment and not harmful to animals or humans. 

Employee Experience

A sleek, sophisticated feel with easy logistics and massive choice – are you passionate about give your employees autonomy around their storage solution in the workplace?


Positioning of lockers, types of locks, easy access must all be thought about to make the locking strategy inclusive. The customizable nature of the HotLocker means that the same experience can be offered to all. 

Administration Time

Spending time and money on master keys, jammed doors, forgotten codes is likely not your ideal management strategy. If there are lots of lockers, this may mean a lot of work and smart locking strategies will streamline and minimalize these problems.

Locker Combinations

Taking the opportunity to integrate lockers into other Spacestor products is a way of breaking up the visual repetitiveness of a bank and make a decisive move away from the back-of-house traditional locker - turning the storage solution into an aesthetic feature.  

Endlessly Customizable

There are millions of possible results meaning the personalised lockers can be strongly on-brand as well as aligning completely with the needs of employees. 

Locker Sizing

Lockers can be customized to any and varying heights meaning they can fit in seamlessly with the surrounding furniture or any existing fixtures. Varying sizes of lockers can also be chosen within a bank to provide for differing needs of employees. 

Lock Type

The type of lock can be chosen to meet the level of experience desired, with mechanical options as a cheap and simple locking strategy, up to RFID locking options which offers a premium experience, as well as detailed and streamlined management assurance. 


Finishes are the final visual touches which take your lockers to showpiece status. With varying materials to choose from, and an option to mix and match within one bank, the Spacestor Customizer will help you to visualise the perfect locker solution.


Where lockers are positioned are an important consideration. One reason for this is accessibility, where putting lockers in easy reach of wheelchair users or those with different accessibility is paramount for their personal experience and storage solution. 


Accessories, such as metal number discs or photo holders, can be added to the face of the lockers. The inside of the lockers can feature lights, varying charging ports, compartments, clothes rail and much more! To provide the ultimate experience there are few limits on the accessories that can be integrated within you solution. 

Locker Shape

Aside of the common square and rectangular shaped lockers, Z-lockers are a good way of providing suitable hanging space to employees in a space efficient way. Sloping tops even discourage items being left on top of the lockers!

Next Steps: Choosing Your Lock

Now you have a greater understanding of the customizable options on your lockers, you'll want to discover more about the lock options that are available to you. Whilst it might seem like a sea of options at first, locks can be split into three simple categories and will enable you to find the perfect solution to your workplace strategy. 

Explore Lock Options

Next Steps: Build your Own Creation!

Use our online Customizer tool to create your own unique versions of our HotLocker product. With this cutting-edge technology, the controls are with you - use the Customizer to visualise, to demonstrate, to estimate, to make it happen – or just for fun, and when you're done, download the full CAD package and request the quote!

Customize Your Design

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