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  • “Communication was excellent, and all questions and issues were sorted immediately.”

    15th September 2017
  • “Good communication and client and our team were very impressed by your fitters work.”

    18th July 2017
  • “Quick delivery, less than 3 weeks with accurate site drawings and excellent installation team. Customer is extremely happy.”

    20th June 2017
  • “Loving your new products/website. You guys are really pushing the boundaries of storewall! 😊”

    26th April 2017
  • “First class job from start to finish”

    24th April 2017
  • “The quotations were returned quickly and contained the ideal amount of information”

    20th April 2017
  • “Great service and a very happy client.”

    14th April 2017
  • “The install went great and the organisation and professionalism of the team was of the highest quality.”

    7th April 2017
  • “Fitters were EXCELLENT. Very good feedback from the site team, despite bad weather and a long route into the room to install.”

    22nd Feb 2017
  • “I was impressed by the speed that we turned around this order and the friendly and helpful attitude of the fitters.”

    7th Feb 2017
  • “Good quick response from all staff involved from quote to installation.”

    24th Jan 2017
  • “Snugglestor provides space for inspirational and creative work but at the same time let you snuggle and feel at home.”

    2nd Jan 2017
  • “The Railway Carriage is great for those times when running out of meeting space doesn’t have to mean redesigning the office!! It’s cosy, practical, on trend and the perfect addition to any agile working space and there’s something quite nostalgic about a railway carriage!!”

    3rd Jan 2017
  • “Spacestor’s Railway Carriage is perfect for the agile working environment and brings privacy to the busy office environment.”

    1st Jan 2017
  • “Good job on site under difficult circumstances”

    20th Nov 2016
  • “Always competitive and help out with drawings and any additional information if required.”

    21st Nov 2016
  • “Excellent service and quality of pre-install information and follow up”

    25th Nov 2016
  • “Excellent service on a very demanding, ever changing project”

    23rd Nov 2016
  • “As always, everything runs smoothly and seamless. We’ve never encountered any problems on previous jobs. The job usually gets booked in and the next thing we know is the project has been completed, which is always a bonus.”

    9th Nov 2016
  • “Fast pricing, turnaround Quick, professional installation team, excellent client/end-user feedback re; product quality and D&I team.”

    7th Nov 2016
  • “Cost effective, excellent customer service and excellent quality of product”

    6th Nov 2016
  • “Good communication and fast turn-around on changes on site.”

    5th Nov 2016
  • “We were kept informed at every stage and the installers were excellent.”

    4th Nov 2016
  • “You turned up when promised and carried out the work with minimum fuss. Thank you”

    26th October 2016
  • “Good service throughout & very quick installation.”

    24th October 2016
  • “Always very helpful & deliver a fantastic finish!”

    26th October 2016
  • “The work was carried out quickly and thoroughly”

    25th Sep 2016
  • “Everyone involved was excellent. Fast turn around, reasonable price, quality product”

    28th Sep 2016
  • “This high profile project has been subject to close scrutiny by our client’s senior management and staff and they are delighted with the end product. I hope that you and your colleagues are proud of your contribution and what we have collectively achieved to help complete this landmark project. I would like to pass on my personal thanks to you and your teams for all of your support, professionalism and commitment in helping deliver the project over the last year.  I would also like to say thank you to all of your back room support teams as well.   So, my thanks are extended to your admin, finance, manufacturing, management and delivery teams.  They have done an absolutely fantastic job and represented you so well!  Thank you.”

    26th August 2016
  • “The reason I like Spacestor is I can send a drawing and from that point they take ownership from beginning to completion.”

    17th Nov 2016
  • “Installation team were efficient and very polite. The site was thoroughly cleaned post installation and the job was very well done.”

    26th Sep 2016
  • “Everyone kept the project up to date and included everyone in all discussions so we all knew what was going on, this is extremely helpful when we receive questions from the clients”

    10th August 2016
  • “I found Spacestor very professional especially in their pre-installation visits. They were quick to respond throughout the project, and installed and great looking product.”

    29th July 2016
  • “All of the team are great and always go the extra mile to enable us to reach our deadlines.”

    27th July 2016
  • “We always use Spacestor they are very efficient.”

    21st July 2016
  • “Brilliant quality of finish and the true ability to match an existing unit like for like.”

    14th July 2016
  • “Good response time, price and flexibility with lead times.”

    11th July 2016
  • “I was very impressed with how helpful you were! My storagewall order was very easy due to thorough checking your end.  I also appreciate the way you went the extra mile in things like helping us choose colours and finishes, supplying the lock board with the correct locks and working out the correct wattage for the exhibition stand. Also the fitters did a very good job on-site. Thanks very much to all who were involved.”

    6th July 2016
  • “As always we got an extremely good service from you and everyone was very helpful. The units were a bespoke depth and had to be fitted around a fire sounder – the people in design and costing did a awesome job, as did the installers who had to deliver and fit the units in restricted space in an occupied office.”

    23rd June 2016
  • “Very helpful, adaptive and responsive to difficult client demands”

    20th June 2016
  • “We love your products, service and workmanship. We also love the cleanliness and straight lines you create and a really sturdy, long lasting storage solution for our projects.”

    16th June 2016
  • “Quick lead time even at short notice. The installation team worked around our clients commendably.”

    9th May 2016
  • “All the contact we had was professional and all the products were delivered on the agreed date and time. The operatives that came on site always had a smile on their faces and cleaned up after themselves without me having to tell them. Excellent!”

    9th May 2016
  • “I’m in the pre-contracts phase of the project and up front service is fantastic. You are always willing to help and turn things around quickly”

    5th May 2016
  • “We have been using Spacestor for years and will continue to do so as the product is quality.”

    5th May 2016
  • “We like Spacestor. Your professionalism makes our lives at work a little easier.”

    5th May 2016
  • “We’ve just had a Spacestor ‘Sorted’ wall installed in our offices. The installer, Leon, was very polite and friendly, worked very fast and used his initiative to come up with solutions to issues which came up on site. He installed the wall without any problem and left it and the surrounding area in a tidy and clean state. He had obviously been filled in on every bit of detail, and even gave suggestions on how we could utilise the space in the cupboards.   A pleasure to have working in the office, we have now have a finished product which we’re very pleased with!   A brilliant product and an excellent addition to our office space.”

    21st April 2016
  • “Thanks for all your help on this you have been amazing!”

    11th April 2016
  • “The whole team were great! Service from start to finish was fantastic and the client is very happy.”

    10 March 2016
  • “Always very quick in replying to queries or obtaining quotes”

    8th March 2016
  • “Also just wanted to say what a great experience it was using you guys, from the first time with yourself Quentin right through the process to the installers onsite – the product and people were great and the client is extremely happy.”

    15th February 2016
  • “Everyone is delighted with the product, it’s looks / feel and functionality.  It is a really solid and organic product.  Well done!”


    12th February 2016
  • “The lockers looked fantastic! I am always impressed by Spacestor installations.”

    10th February
  • “You are very helpful, nothing is ever too much trouble”

    3rd February 2016
  • “Our client said it looks amazing , which it does. Special thanks goes to Quentin for all his help and interaction with the client, also to Maria for her patience and professionalism, doing quote after quote as client changed their mind.”

    26th January 2016
  • “The client changed the scope on this project numerous times, but Guy was always extremely helpful and quick in re-quoting.”

    23rd January 2016
  • “The company were professional in getting back to us when needed… Helped with bespoke colours for lockers, and the assembly and install was quick and problem free, the installation guys were very friendly as well”

    22nd January 2016
  • “As always Phil our local sales manager is diligent and supportive. In addition the installation crew received special praise from our site managers for their professional conduct.”

    22nd January 2016
  • ‘Thankyou, I wish all of our suppliers were like Spacestor!’

    21st January 2016
  • “It’s been a roller-coaster ride with an incredible and overwhelming support from you, our preferred supply chain, who have once again proven how invaluable it is to have friends in business…

    Your teams on site have surpassed themselves and completed a huge task with a great attitude.

    I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone involved in helping us to keep our promise!
    We couldn’t have asked for more.

    5th Jan 2016
  • “Job went like clockwork even though we made quite a few amends – many thanks!”

    8th December 2015
  • “Alan handled the client “on site” changes at survey stage very professionally and accommodated their requirements very quickly.”

    6th December 2015
  • “Never have used you before on any projects. Have found the whole experience a pleasure. Accommodating , good quality, good value and thoughtful.”

    9th November 2015
  • “The man that installed the unit was very good, so clean and efficient. We were looked after all the way through from site survey / quote / order / drawings and then delivery and installation. No problems anywhere along the way.”

    6th November 2015
  • “This is just a short note to thank everyone involved in the fit out, this has been a very fast and challenging project that you all should be very proud of, we successfully handed the project over to our client on Monday as agreed on time with an absolutely delighted client.”

    4th November 2015
  • “I was extremely happy with the services that were provided on the job, we had a quick lead time from ordering the product to which Phil and the team stepped up to. The whole process has been smooth and professional.”

    27th October 2015
  • “I would just like to say a very big thank you to everyone at Spacestor who pulled out all the stops to produce and deliver the lockers and storage for our project. It is very much appreciated by everyone here who is involved in this project.”

    15th October 2015
  • “We didn’t realise the scope of what you do, always had you down as storagewall plus a few meeting table ranges – you offer so much more!”

    6th October 2015
  • “Everything was on time and no fuss. A quick simple installation, site left tidy, client very pleased.”

    9th October 2015
  • “Just wanted to let you know that we are very happy with our new cupboard, not the most exciting thing in the world but it works so well and your fitter was amazing! So clean! So nice to meet a tidy fitter.”

    18th September 2015
  • “Young Sam was superb. His knowledge, affability and professional really stood out and was very welcome. Delivered on time, built perfectly and is as always good quality. No problems at all with this installation.”

    14th November 2015
  • “The service that we received during all aspects of this project were exceptional and well exceeded our expectations. We felt, as a team, that all of the communications with Spacestor, be they email or telecom, were dealt with well by all members of the team and all gave the impression that the project really mattered to them with all concerns and queries dealt with in an efficient and professional manner at all times.”

    12th November 2015
  • “Everyone performed exceptionally, especially the fitters. No problems whatsoever, best contractor I had on site.”

    10th November 2015
  • “The installation team were very helpful and professional.  good design, timely quotes, excellent quality of material and workmanship, very impressed.”

    20th October 2015
  • “Thanks for all your help this summer . Your help, attention to detail, and going the extra mile has been much appreciated”

    3rd September 2015
  • “Just wanted to say a huge thank you to all the staff who were instrumental in manufacturing, supplying and delivering 14 fliptop Teamworks tables within 3 days. You are the best!”

    28th August 2015
  • “The roadshow event was fantastic!  I love the solutions/concept that you guys have come up with and I know the rest of the guys here did as well.”

    24th August 2015
  • “The contact was extremely helpful and put the effort in to get it right!  Good support in the design phase and client is very pleased with end result.”

    13th August 2015
  • “Quotes and drawings were turned around quickly to enable smooth procurement. The installation team were clean and efficient.”

    13th August 2015
  • “Hassle free install and met our deadlines.”

    13th August 2015
  • “I wanted to say a big thanks for arranging yesterday’s job.  You were punctual, super-efficient and helpful.”

    12th August 2015
  • “Quality of Product, doing stuff when you said you would and exceeding expectations!”

    4th June 2015
  • “We are absolutely delighted with the new installation and the locking device on the filing drawers. The operatives were very efficient and we cannot complain at all. Thank you Spacestor!”

    10th July 2015
  • “The fitters on this project were particularly neat.  You always give a professional service.”

    22nd July 2015
  • “Staff are very very helpful and have a quick turn around response time with their quotes.”

    16th June 2015
  • “You checked and double checked my requirements and handled all my queries and changes efficiently and capably and made sure that the importance of this project was instilled into everyone!”

    11th May 2015
  • “The install went well with the guys being aware of what they had to do and simply cracked on.”

    7th May 2015
  • “Once again exceptional service, well managed, good attitude on site and quality installation.”

    10th July 2015
  • “Quick turnaround, accurate drawings, info provided in time for security and a one-hit installation!”

    13th May 2015
  • “Just a quick thank you for a job well done! Please also pass on my appreciation to the guys on site, it was not an easy lift to the 14th floor, the guys got stuck in with no messing and made a real effort in a difficult and busy site.  The end result today is great!”

    27th July 2015
  • “You’re easy to work with, you made it easy for me on the recent TT job”

    20th July 2015
  • “The locker installation went exceptionally well thank you.  The fitter and his team did a superb job and the client was really complimentary over the way he managed the installs in B2 and 3rd floor.  Fantastic job all round.”

    17th July 2015
  • “Everything from quoting to installing ran smoothly, including when we had to rush through the reception storagewall.”

    4th May 2015
  • “The service we regularly receive from Spacestor is very good, quick and efficient.”

    6th May 2015
  • “I believe Spacestor have shown an excellent general level of professionalism and support for this particular project and have supplied a premium product into the building.”

    12th May 2015
  • “Efficient quick turn around of the service to be provided & then efficient no nonsense replacement of the end-panel.”

    14th May 2015
  • “Site survey was carried out with drawings turned around very quickly and amendments to quotation actioned quickly.”

    22nd May 2015
  • “Very good and quick communication, timescales and general dealings were good.”

    25th May 2015
  • “The project ran smoothly from placing the order through to completion of installation.”

    25th May 2015
  • “Always very quick to give me a quote and accommodating to my needs without question.”

    26th May 2015
  • “Efficiency with how the project from quoting to installation was handled.  Communication on all levels was very good.”

    29th May 2015
  • “Quick response to initial enquiry and you kept us informed throughout with a fast turnaround on the products.”

    2nd June 2015
  • “I have used you before and not had any complaints from the customer, which to me is a good thing. the process is also easy from start to finish.”

    2nd June 2015
  • “Excellent service. All snagging sorted out immediately. Constantly kept informed about progress of order.”

    4th June 2015
  • “All product was installed on time and correct.  The fitters were flexible and extremely proficient.”

    8th June 2015
  • “The quote was prepared very quickly and delivery time was within the clients requirements.”

    9th June 2015
  • “Spacestor tick all boxes. Pricing of projects is extremely efficient. Customer service very good. They are able to give leeway in their costs in order for them to be competitive with other suppliers. All in all a very good service.”

    12th June 2015
  • “Good support through the slightly fiddly detail stages helping us deliver a satisfying end result for our first project with this new client.”

    17th June 2015
  • “Good products made to measure, addressed issues promptly.”

    17th June 2015
  • “Good service and communication also the works carried out was neat and tidy.”

    23rd June 2015
  • “Spacestor always complete a job sufficiently and without issues.”

    30th June 2015
  • “Spacestor always respond to enquiries without delay which is vital in the fit out business.”

    2nd July 2015
  • “Axis have been using Spacestor for a number of years now and cannot find fault with their service. Issues are dealt with swiftly and the product is of a standard that meets our needs.”

    6th July 2015
  • “Everything went well, no hassles, customer delighted!”

    14th July 2015

Spacestor are creators of workspace furniture that combines California Cool with London Design. 

We’ve learnt from our experience working with both cultures and clients like Google, Apple and Jaguar Land Rover how the workspace environment can drive employee engagement and build culture.

Throughout nearly three decades, we’ve established ourselves as a key innovator of workspace furniture and design thinking in the UK.  Five years ago Spacestor spotted a major shift in workspace culture and took the decision to open a Design Centre in California, USA. This has given us a unique position to observe and learn from the companies that are driving this culture change.

Workplace Concept Advisor Alex Harvey says “we are seeing a very significant change in the way these iconic companies are viewing their employees. There is a growing consumer expected design standard and a greater awareness of how the workspace environment drives employee engagement.”

Using these key insights and combining with our extensive UK design experience, we have created a growing portfolio of products for companies who recognize the value in their human capital.

For example, we have learned that aesthetic appeal plays a key role in employee hiring, retention, and engagement. To meet this need, Spacestor have developed the Zee Bench Desk which seamlessly blends a natural look with an engineered bench system.

Again, the rise of the gig economy means teams need high quality meeting, collaboration and working zones to create the highest talent and optimum productive spaces. The Railway Carriage is a high quality meeting space for small teams or individuals to work outside, by still connected with their environment.

Changing workplace dynamics mean that the space allocated per employee is shrinking. This has resulted in storage shifting from general to personal and from centralised to local. Spacestor's HotLocker Agile is a highly customisable locker system which can be controlled by card, app or biometrics which enables personal storage access over multiple locations, buildings or even countries.

To see what really drives employee engagement, come and visit our new London Design Centre. Only 5 mins walk from Farringdon Station.

You’ll find us at 143-145 Farringdon Road, Clerkenwell, London, EC1R 3AB.

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